Environmental Speaker Series

Plastics, Politics, and Public Health
Dr. Susan Shaw
COVID-19 and the Environment
Dr. Jeremy Jackson
Our Ocean Planet in Three Acts: Staggering Diversity, Scary News & Reasons for Hope
Dr. Nancy Knowlton
The Arctic, Maine and the First Abrupt Climate Change in the Modern Era
Dr. Paul Andrew Mayewski
Sicker, Fatter, Poorer: Dr. Leo Trasande on Chemicals Hacking Hormones and Fueling Epidemics
Leo Trasande
Measuring the Muck: Margaret Mulholland on Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise
Margaret Mulholland
More Good Not Less Harm: Dimitri Smirnoff on Advancing Sustainability with Biomimicry
Dimitri Smirnoff

Plastic Health Summit

Susan Shaw on the hidden danger of plastic in a world on fire | Plastic Health Summit 2019
Susan Shaw
Plastic is a human health risk
Soundbites of the Plastic Health Summit 2019

TEDx Talks

Science, Lies, and Politics
Susan Shaw
| TEDxMidAtlantic
The Oil Spill’s Toxic Trade-off
Susan Shaw
| TEDxOilSpill
Reckless Endangerment: The Gulf Oil Spill Revisited
Susan Shaw
| TEDxMidAtlantic
Six Months After Oil Spill, Where Are We?
Susan Shaw
| TEDxMidAtlantic