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Improving human and ecological health through innovative science and global partnerships

The Shaw Institute is a nonprofit scientific research organization founded in 1990 by environmental health scientist Dr. Susan Shaw. Over three decades, our research on plastics, ocean pollution, flame retardants, and climate change has informed public opinion and fueled policy, impacting millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide.

World on Fire

As wildfires rage from Maine to Arizona and droughts and violent storms become the new norm, Dr. Shaw weighs in on the ecological impacts of a world on fire for the Arizona Daily Star. “The solution to this is to confront climate change in a more aggressive way. Wildfires are just a symptom of that.”
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Our Ocean Planet in Three Acts: Staggering Diversity, Scary News & Reasons for Hope

Join us on July 22 (6-7 pm ET) for the second installment of the Planet in Crisis: Science & Survival webinar series. Coral reefs dying, fish populations collapsing, diversity loss and acidic oceans choking with plastic.  Have we pushed our Earth to breaking point? Don’t miss this free, interactive conversation with Dr. Nancy Knowlton, acclaimed marine scientist, author, and 2020 recipient of the International Coral Reef Society’s Darwin Medal

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When Plastics Burn

Called the "most powerful speech" of the 2019 Plastic Health Summit, Dr. Shaw's onstage talk in Amsterdam reached a livestream audience of 400 million people. Now you can tune in to see "When Plastics Burn", an urgent call-to--action for our time.

Don't miss: Soundbite remarks from lead scientists at the Plastic Health Summit, courtesy of the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Focus Areas

Through its focused initiatives, the Institute addresses critical health and environmental issues related to toxic chemical exposure among people and wildlife. From ocean plastics to human and wildlfie exposure, we strive to bring science-based solutions to these priority concerns.

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Plastics and

Marine Wildlife Exposure

Oil Spill Response

Maine Coast Monitoring

Lecture Series

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