Plastic Health Summit

The Shaw Institute will make its mark at the Plastic Health Summit on Thursday, October 12 in Amsterdam where Dr. Susan Shaw will join the world’s leading scientists, campaigners, activists, and legal experts in tackling the plastic pollution crisis. The Summit, which is expected to reach over 400 million people, will see research and testimonials on the connection between plastic waste and public health presented by experts from Indonesia, Malawi, Greenland, The Netherlands, UK, and the US. 
In a follow-up to her 2019 presentation, which was described as "the most powerful speech of the Summit" by event director Maria Westerbos, Dr. Shaw will discuss the open burning of plastic waste and e-waste and its effect on the health of children in developing nations. Millions of young children throughout the developing world are forced to work as scavengers on mountains of burning plastic waste, putting them at extreme risk for disease and early death. 
“Allowing children to suffer the lethal effects of the plastic waste economy is a public health disgrace and human rights abuse,” says Dr. Shaw.
Plastic Health Summit 2021:


  • Theme is ‘One Health’: “Environment and human health are inextricably linked”
  • Plastic is a global health issue, from production to use to disposal
  • Latest scientific findings on human health impact of microplastics and plastic additives revealed
  • Experts discuss making plastic pollution punishable under ecocide law
  • Organized by environmental NGL Plastic Soup Foundation, initiator of the Plastic Health Coalition
"The power of the Plastic Health Summit is to bring the world's most eminent scientists, doctors, and researchers together to irrefutably prove the impact of plastic toxins on human health,” says Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet. “This proof will be the catalyst for urgent change from Governments and industry. We need to wake up to this before it is too late.”


“Confronting the plastic threat to these vulnerable children will reflect humanity’s ability to safeguard the health and survival of future generations. The Plastic Health Summit 2021 is key to achieving this.” -Dr. Susan Shaw

The Plastic Health Summit will face the plastic health challenge head-on. What is at stake could not be more important: the health of our planet, our health, and the next generation’s health.
Tickets for the Summit are on sale now. 

Watch Dr. Shaw’s on-stage presentation from the Plastic Health Summit in 2019
Her presentation about the dangers of burning plastic in an increasingly fire-prone world  'When Plastics Burn' was called "the most powerful speech of the Summit" by event director Maria Westerbos and was viewed by an online audience of 4 million worldwide.