Plastic Health Summit

The first-ever Plastic Health Summit, held in Amsterdam on October 3, 2019,  united researchers, policy experts, and media from all over the world to confront the urgent question: Are plastics making us sick? 

During the conference, scientists presented the first research results on the effects of plastic particles on human health. By combining science with activism, the Plastic Health Summit 2019 effectively launched an international debate into the health impacts of micro and nano plastics and chemical additives on the human body.  Dr. Susan Shaw described it as "a turning point in the plastic crisis." 

The Plastic Health Summit will return on October 21, 2021, in Amsterdam

When Plastics Burn
As US Liaison to the Plastic Health Coalition, Dr. Susan Shaw was invited to give an on-stage presentation about the dangers of burning plastic in an increasingly fire-prone world  'When Plastics Burn' was called "the most powerful speech of the Summit" by event director Maria Westerbos and was viewed by an online audience of million worldwide. 


“If we cannot protect the world's children now, how can we hope to protect them when the industry doubles the production of plastics in the coming decade?" Dr. Susan Shaw, Plastic Health Summit 2019


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                   The Breakdown: PHS 2019
  • Digital reach: >240 million social media engagements
  • +300 attendees
  • On-the-day online audience: 8 million
  • 36 speakers from 14 nations
  • International media coverage
  • Results from groundbreaking new health research 
  • Plastic Health Summit 2020 & 2021 confirmed